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Betting Window Software for the Home, Office, or Club!
Great for your Kentucky Derby party!  Great for your charity fund raising events!

Backyard Bookie software is the ultimate tool for handling betting window operations at your Kentucky Derby party, or any other event focused around a competition.  Use it for any of the major thoroughbred racing events, for other national sporting league championships, or for your club's golf tournament betting.  Many more uses!
  • Take bets just like a race track betting window!
  • Handles win, place, show, exacta, trifecta, and pick 3 through pick 6 bets!
  • Print tickets or record the name of the bettor for easy cash distribution!
  • Display the odds based on the bets made at your party or event just like the track tote board!
  • Enter the results and the payouts are determined in seconds!

Backyard Bookie is NOT an Internet gambling service.  While you can enter and payout track odds if you wish, the program is primarily designed to calculate odds and payouts based on the bets made at your event.  That way, all or a designated portion of the money bet is distributed back to the bettors, eliminating the risk of a loss (or gain) for the "house".  For charitable purposes, a small portion of the bets can be withheld from the payout calculation.

Bring the fun of the track to your backyard!

Use Backyard Bookie at your Derby party!
Derby Day 2018 - Saturday, May 5th

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Backyard Bookie
Thoroughbred Edition

The Thoroughbred Edition is your economical way to run your horse race parties for 2018!.   Good for the Kentucky Derby, Preakness, Belmont, and Breeder's Cup through 2018.  Order now - only $19.95!

If you purchased the 2017 or earlier Thoroughbred Edition, you can renew your license through the 2018 race year for only $14.95!  Or, you can upgrade to the Premium Edition for only $39.95!

Backyard Bookie
Premium Edition

The Premium Edition allows you to use Backyard Bookie year after year on any event.  It does everything that the Thoroughbred Edition does and more! 

Place bets on any competition or event!  No need to purchase an upgrade next year!

Order now - only $49.95!


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Order your copy and get started today!

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Vista and Windows 7, 8, and 10 Users: 
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"Take bets like an official betting window, display the current odds, and calculate payouts.... Have a pari-mutuel party on Derby Day and play for fun or money." - ZD Net


Get Backyard Bookie for your Derby party today!
The best horse race party software available!  Order now!

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Add spice to your fund raising event!
Backyard Bookie allows you to hold back a percentage of the bets from the payouts
for your favorite charity.

Golfers!  For golf tournament betting (sometimes referred to as "Calcutta" style betting),
you'll want to check out Backnine Bookie, designed specifically for country club golf tournament betting.
Click here for more information

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Backyard Bookie is the best racing party software available today!


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