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Backyard Bookie Pari-Mutuel Manager Problems and Solutions 

Technical Frequently Asked Questions

Vista and Windows 7, 8, and 10 users!
There are a few of Backyard Bookie features that do not operate properly with the Vista and Windows 7 thru 10 operating systems that we know of -- and possibly more with your particular system setup.

The Help documentation does not automatically work unless you download the patch from Microsoft.  You can go to and search for "WinHlp32.exe" to get the download. 

Instead of loading the Help patch, you can click here to download the full Help documentation that comes with the product.  The download is in Adobe Acrobat format and approximately 770 KB.

It is highly recommended that you perform the following steps to set the compatibility mode:

  • right-click Start
  • click Explore or File Explorer or Windows Explorer
  • find your C: drive and click
  • find Program Files -- or Program Files (x86) -- and click
  • click on the "Compatibility" tab
  • find the BackyardBookie folder and click
  • find BackyardBookie(.exe) and right-click
  • choose Properties
  • click the Compatibility tab
  • check the "Run in Compatibility Mode for" and choose Windows XP Service Pack 2 (or Service Pack 3)
  • in the Privilege Level section, check the "Run this program as an administrator" box
  • click OK

This should set the security on your computer such that the automated Backyard Bookie functions will work properly and may help keep calculations accurate.

Also, some people have reported problems with printing (black boxes in some areas, for example, or no print at all).  Try the above bulleted steps to see if that helps.  If not, then print will need to done to a file (either HTML, comma-delimited for import into a spreadsheet, or text file) and then printed separately.

Below are some answers to questions that we frequently get regarding how the program operates on your computer. If you are having problems while running Tourney Tracker, you might be able to get a quick answer here. 

Besides these common questions, you might want to check below to see if your problem is on the list of known problems with the software below.

If this information does not solve the problem, contact us and we’ll get back to you, usually within 48 hours.

I have purchased Backyard Bookie, but my download link has expired.
If you have purchased the product, but could not get the product downloaded from the e-mail received from your purchase, you can download the product from the Trial Download page.  If you enter the 13-digit registration ID when you start the software, then the product will become fully functional.

I am an AOL user and am having trouble installing and/or running the product
AOL users should click here for information on solving installation problems with Backyard Bookie.

I am running on a Mac, using Virtual PC, and keep getting an error concerning bets not being in the proper increment.
Virtual PC interprets our program code differently than the Windows operating system.  You may be able to get around the problem by setting the minimum bet, minimum payout, and bet increment values to zero on the Race Card for each race on which you are taking bets.  This eliminates the editing function of those values, but should allow the software to run without giving errors.

I am not able to complete the download of one of the starter race card files.
Some systems or Internet service providers do not allow the automatic transfer of files from within Backyard Bookie.  You should be able to get around this problem by going to the race card page, right-clicking on the file that you want and choosing the option that allows you to save the file to your computer (such as "Save As" or "Save Target As")

Product Versions

Latest Versions:

Backyard Bookie - Premium Edition 2003.2.3
   - No known problems.

Backyard Bookie - Thoroughbred Edition 2003.2.3
   - No known problems.  Year(s) of service depends on the Registration ID received with purchase.

(Click here to go to instructions for downloading the latest revision of Backyard Bookie.)

Previous Versions:

Backyard Bookie - Premium and Thoroughbred Editions 2003.2.2
- The "refresh" file feature when using a 2nd copy of the software to run a display-only of the odds only works if there are multiple races to be displayed.

Backyard Bookie - Premium and Thoroughbred Editions 2003.2.0
- Expired Thoroughbred edition registration ID's did not show up after expiration date on the "About Backyard Bookie" window or on the Registration window.

Backyard Bookie - Premium and Thoroughbred Editions 2003.1.9
- All racers did not always show when adding them on the Racer tab of the Setup Race Card window.

Backyard Bookie - Premium and Thoroughbred Editions 2003.1.8
- Bets of $1000.00 or more would not be properly accepted through the Betting Window.

Backyard Bookie - Premium and Thoroughbred Editions 2003.1.7 & 2003.1.6
- "Error #13 Type Mismatch" sometimes occurred when trying to cash or edit a ticket

Backyard Bookie - Premium and Thoroughbred Editions 2003.1.5, 2003.1.4 & 2003.1.3
- The setting selected for the printer orientation is not always used for the printouts that are sent to the printer.

Backyard Bookie - Premium and Thoroughbred Editions 2003.1.2
The "Preakness only" and the "full day" download files are mixed up in the dropdown for downloading race cards from this site.  You must choose the opposite one that you would expect.

Backyard Bookie - Premium and Thoroughbred Editions 2003.1.1
When entering payout amounts manually, for exotic bets, the number of correct picks entry is defaulted to the incorrect number, sometimes resulting in "Error #9 Subscript Out of Range" upon saving the data.

Backyard Bookie - Premium and Thoroughbred Editions 2003.1.0
Manually entered payouts were sometimes reduced by the system by .01
- Help text for the contents entries "Collecting Bets on Races" and "Backup and Recovery" do not point to the Help text document, instead, an error occurs.
- Problems which apply to later 2003 releases also apply to this release

Please contact us to us to report any problems encountered with our products or to make suggestions.  Thank you.  Phones are not always manned.  Support phone number is 502-419-1855.

How to Fix Backyard Bookie Pari-Mutuel Manager Problems

Download latest version and reinstall the program.  

Any race card files which you created earlier will work fine with the latest version of the software.  The Registration ID that you received when you purchased the product earlier will still work with the latest release.

Click here to download the latest version of the Premium Edition (approx. 3.2 meg)

Click here to download the latest version of the Thoroughbred Edition (approx. 3.2 meg)

  • At the WINDOWS desktop, Click START on the taskbar.
  • Click the RUN entry within the pop-up window.
  • Click the BROWSE button to locate the BackyardBookieZip.exe or BackyardBookieTEZip.exe file that you downloaded above.
  • Click the OK button.
  • The WinZip Self-Extractor dialog box will appear, Click the SETUP button.
  • The Backyard Bookie setup screen will appear, Click the OK button.
  • Select a target installation directory.  The default target installation directory is C:\Program Files\BackyardBookie\. The BROWSE button gives you the option to select a different installation directory.
  • After the desired installation directory is selected, Click the INSTALLATION icon. (The icon is located in the upper left-hand corner.)
  • Click the OK button.

After the installation is complete, click on Start / Programs (or All Programs) and then find Backyard Bookie (or Backyard Bookie - Thoroughbred Edition) in your list of programs and click on it.  Once the program starts up, it will ask you for your 13-digit registration ID that you got with your purchase, unless you have previously entered one on that PC.

Contacting Us for Technical Support

If you are having problems, please contact us through the web by clicking here.  We usually can get you an answer within a day or two.

We try to keep your costs low.  Phone support is not guaranteed.  But, if you need assistance, you can call us at 502-419-1855.  (You will be responsible for any long distance charges.)  The phones are not manned on a 24-hour basis.  If no one answers, please leave a message with a phone number or e-mail address at which you can be reached.



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